This 4th of July, I was at a party with some friends and we were playing one of my games (Work in Progress).  It has a catch-up mechanic in the form of cards that either make you weaker or your opponent’s stronger as you reach certain checkpoints: get 3 of these cards to win.  The […]

Warning: This article will focus largely on Magic the Gathering details. So if you don’t care about the game, there might not be much useful information until the end. During May of last year, I wrote an article discussing the controversy of the new look for Magic the Gathering’s Sliver creatures.  In the end, most of […]

I have been working on a cooperative card game based on fighting an unknown monster called “What Horror…?!??!”  One subset of cards involving gathering magical ingredients: if you get all three cards in play, then you get a large boost (15 points).  I was considering shrinking the three cards into one card to allow room for some […]

I may be a little late to the discussion, but here is a brief post on the Assassin’s Creed 5 Unity controversy. The Controversy Essentially, Ubisoft has stated that their new Assassin’s Creed game – ironically called “Unity” considering the controversy that has occurred – was having a new Co-op campaign with customizable characters.  Unfortunately, […]

Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition wasn’t very well received among the fans; many either stayed with the 3.5 Edition or turned to the Pathfinder RPG.  4th Edition did have its problems, but I believe that some of the good was lost because it was not well explained. For example, the Minion rules state that the […]

In my previous Developer article, I discussed how Payday 2 tried to change how the players played the game – trying to make shooting civilians a great liability – but unfortunately, the penalty was far too small compared to failing to sneak through mission.  I return with a far better example of “manipulating” the gameplay of […]

A while ago, I became sick and spend my time watching the first 3 seasons of Game of Thrones.  It was a nice weekend, but of course I was itching to get back to making games.  Of course with all of the hours of court intrigue fresh in my mind, I designed a game based […]